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A trip to Filey


Swithens Farm

I’ve known about Swithens Farm for years, but had never been – despite it being practically on my parents doorstep.

My nephew has been up staying with my parents for a week, we’ve had a few days out together over the last week, but as they are taking him home today we wanted to stay close to home, so I suggested Swithens Farm.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I remember riding my bike near the farm years ago but haven’t been near it since to see what it had turned into.

There’s an open farm section, which had cows, pigs, goats, sheep, a little Shetland pony, some donkeys, ducks, some meerkats and what I think were alpacas. Or maybe llamas.   There’s also a great outdoor play area, with swings and slides, hay bales, ride on toys, a bouncy castle and trampolines.  Inside is a farm shop, cafe and soft play.

Just about everything you could need!

I loved that we also got the opportunity to feed some lambs.










Crafting prompt week 2 – felt


I bought two kits ahead of this week without really paying attention to their age suitability – one was age 8, oops! I decided we’d just open that one and play with the felt, and do some colours practice.



We did use some of the pieces to make Daddy a bookmark, with some self adhesive gem stones.


You can join in with this week at:

2015 plan

My plan for 2014 was to simply be healthy. Finding out I was pregnant scuppered my plans to train for the GYBR again and beat my time, I tried to keep active in pregnancy though and did a bit of swimming and walking.

In 2015 I’d like to:

Lose weight
I’m still above my pre-pregnancy weight so I’m working at losing that, plus the extra weight I want to lose for our wedding at the end of May.

Be more organised
My days seem to merge into one, the wedding is hurtling towards us now and I am not prepared at all. I need to be more organised and not leave everything to the last minute, or forget anything.

Be more active
I’ve become a little reliant on the car. I need to get back to walking more often. It will help me lose weight and save petrol! I’m going to train for the 2015 GYBR to give me a goal to work towards, I’m even considering a spinning class!

Do more crafting
Daisy and I did loads of crafts together over Christmas, it was lovely doing different projects together. I’m aiming for Monday to always be a crafting day, and will be joining in with a crafting link to keep us inspired.

2014 plan

I decided this year I wasn’t going to make any resolutions, I’m simply aiming to Be Healthy.

Two weeks into the year I’m not doing too badly.

I’ve re-joined Slimming World.  I’m quite enjoying being back at Fat Club – I’d expected my cooking mojo to return once I’d quit last year, but it didn’t.  We just ate the same things week in and week out.   I’ve accepted this time that I’ll eat different meals to everyone else – I don’t have the energy to cook food and it be wasted, so if I cook the food I like for me then it will always be eaten.  I lost 5ib in my first week and am aiming for that half a stone award this week.

I’ve been trying to walk more, I ran around soft play, like a lunatic, this weekend with Daisy, and today we’ve been swimming – it was Daisy’s first swimming lesson.

I’m not drinking at the moment (not this January dryathalon business – just to ensure I’m not blowing syns on wine) and I’m trying my best to make time for everyone.  A lot of the time I feel torn trying to keep everyone happy, having a child I just don’t have the time to socialise (or the money) that I used to.  But I’m trying to keep up with everyone’s news, be supportive of what they’ve got on and be interested in what they’re upto – I hope that goes some way to making up for when I can’t go out.  

We’ve also had a lovely family afternoon out to York Railway Museum, making sure we use our weekend’s on more than being chauffeurs and cleaning! 


Round up of 2013

I’ve sadly neglected this blog during the latter part of last year.  Life well and truly got in the way, and just finding the time to post to my food blog was hard enough!


So, the goals I set last year were:


  1. Lose weight
  2. Get fitter
  3. Do the Great Yorkshire Bike ride
  4. Pass my driving test
  5. Do fantastic things with Daisy
  6. Spend quality time with Phil
  7. Cook more interesting dishes
  8. Book a holiday
  9. See my brother and nephew more
  10. Be happy


I lost some weight, but then gained a bit after packing in fat club.

I kind of got fitter with my training for GYBR – but then didn’t have time to keep that up with being back at work (and not making time to do it).

I did the GYBR 🙂

I passed my driving test – and now I love driving (I’m just not very good at parking).

I’ve been to parks, been swimming, been to baby cinema, been on walks, done painting, done messy play and lots of other things with Daisy.  I really value our Monday off together, so try and spend it doing something fun.

I don’t think I spend enough quality time with Phil.  That’s something I need to work on for 2014.

I’ve cooked some interesting dishes….some not very nice dishes…and some OK dishes.  My cooking wasn’t inspiring in 2013 – function overtook style and taste.  Speedy meals are key at the moment.

We had a little holiday over my birthday week, to a Haven in North Wales.  It wasn’t particularly relaxing given Daisy was into everything and decided she didn’t much fancy sleeping.

I didn’t see my brother and nephew enough – different things factored into that one, not totally my fault.  But we had an amazing time together as a family at my cousin’s fabulous wedding in November, it was great to spend that day with so many people I love, and have a dance at the wedding disco!

Be happy – 2013 was definitely a happy year for me.  I love being a Mum and being part of our family, being in a blended family is hard work but it’s worth it.  Daisy adores her big brothers, and is always looking for them when they’ve gone back home.

I didn’t do too badly really!

Driving Miss Daisy



It’s been a long time coming, and taken a lot of work.  But 2 weeks ago I passed my driving test.  Taking my test 2 days after Daisy’s christening wasn’t a great idea.  I was still stressed out from the day.

I thought I’d failed in the first 30 seconds, I could feel my eyes filling with tears, but I willed myself to carry on and I just drove.  And I passed.  I was so shocked.

I’ve now done my pass plus and have driven to a few places in Leeds, York and Harrogate.  Although I’ve been on the motorway for my pass plus, I still feel very nervous about going on – particularly because on Friday I had to almost stop at the end of the slip road going back on to the A64.  I don’t think it was all my fault, the car in the left lane could have slowed down for me, it seemed to – so I accelerated, but then so did they and we were still in a 3 car lock, I slammed on as I was getting to the end of the slip road and managed to slip in behind it.  Maybe I misjudged their intentions, maybe they didn’t pay any attention to me, but I think it should have been going slower than the car in the right lane anyway, and would it have been so bad so have slowed down and flashed me out?

I had to go on the A64 yesterday, but I was nervous on it.  I’ve been working hard this week on not over revving, but I ended up doing that yesterday, then I took a wrong exit off the roundabout, and then I struggled with the parking.  It’s like Friday’s incident has set me back weeks.  I’ve lost the little bit of confidence I gained from passing.

I have enjoyed being able to drive though, I’ve been able to get out and about with Daisy easier, take her swimming, and take her to nursery.

I start back at work on Tuesday.  I’m scared stiff about the drive to and from work.  I’m worried about leaving her.  Will she think I don’t love her any more?  How on earth will I get everything done in the house, and work, and spend time with Daisy and Phil, and socialise, and my hobbies, and exercise and lose weight?