May, June and most of July…

Now I’ve got my life back after Love Island finishing I thought I’d catch up with what we’ve been up to since April.


In May the girls and I travelled south to spend a few days with my best friend from uni and her little girl.  It was a real novelty for the girls to spend a couple of nights in a hotel.  On our first day there we went to Cbeebiesland and had a fantastic time.  I wasn’t sure it would be worth the money, but we all had a great time.  I think I probably enjoyed a lot of it more than the girls.  Seeing the girls faces light up at seeing their favourite characters was wonderful.  On our second day we went to Trentham Monkey Forest.  It wasn’t as big as I was expecting it to be, but we had a very enjoyable day there with a picnic and ice creams.


We arrived back on the Thursday afternoon, it seemed pointless sending Daisy back in to school nursery for one day so on the Friday we all went to Knaresborough.  Despite the rain we had a very enjoyable time.  Phil and I got an afternoon tea, which the girls found fascinating, and ate most of themselves, plus their own food.  It was great to all get out together after being apart for a few days.

Another first for the girls was going to their first ‘posh’ restaurant for Sunday lunch with Aunty Fifi.  We went to Dill and Bay in Rothwell, which is owned by someone we both went to school with.  The food was excellent and the girls did me proud by behaving themselves and eating up their food.  We enjoyed it that much there that we took my Mum in for lunch a couple of weeks later.  I’ll definitely be back again soon.

At the very end of May was our two-year wedding anniversary.  Where has the time gone?  The stress of getting ready for the wedding seems a lifetime ago,

June was another month of getaways.  We went to the Lake District for the weekend with my brother, his partner and my nephew, and my parents.  The scenery up there is breathtaking, I’d definitely like to spend more time exploring over there.  We went on the Eskdale miniature railway on the Saturday, I loved it – although the day was quite stressful for me with worrying over Phoebe emulating a camel and not going for a wee for 28 hours – on the back of having a UTI.

At the end of June we had our week’s holiday, this year at a static caravan at Reighton Sands in Filey.  We were lucky with the weather at the beginning of the week, but the end of our week was very, very, very wet.  The girls love that kind of holiday, especially going to the club house on an evening.  We’d like to go up to Northumberland for next year’s holiday.  During the week away we went to Brid, Whitby, Scarborough for Armed Forces Day, the sea life centre, walked across the beach to Filey and made use of the on site swimming pool.  If we had the money I would happily buy a static and go up most weekends.

The Half Term school holidays fell at the end of May/beginning of June.  We enjoyed an action packed week with a day trip to Wetherby, playing at Bramham play park with friends, visiting Marianne to drop off her very late first birthday present, having friends over to play, a trip to the Pirate Ship park, some baking and an excursion up to softplay.

The strawberry picking season seemed to be over in a flash this year, finishing even quicker than last year.  We only managed one trip up to pick, but came away with plenty of strawberries and raspberries – I hope it’s something that the girls will love to do each year, it’s one I remember looking forward to each summer.

At the beginning of July we celebrated Oliver’s 18th, it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago I was meeting a shy 12 year old for the first time. We all went down to the new tapas place for something to eat, and a few drinks, I was really touched that he chose to do something with all of us and not just Phil.

We had our second trip to the Great Yorkshire Show with Jenny and Catherine – sadly the weather was not kind to us this year, and we didn’t particularly enjoy the experience.  Three wet, grumpy, tired girls and two harassed Mums didn’t make for a harmonious day out.  I managed to come away with some cheese and some cupcakes, but didn’t really get much else.  Straight after it I said I’d never take the girls again, but I’ve since looked back at last year’s pictures, and remembered what a fantastic time we had then – so I probably will go with them again next year.

I’ve recently signed up to a Penpal scheme – getting proper old fashioned letters through the post has been a real treat.  I’ve got a stack of four to reply to now, and am on the look out for nice writing sets to make my letters pretty.

This last weekend we went to Castleford Comic-con, it was a last minute decision to go along, deciding upon it after seeing the rain.  I never thought I’d enjoy something like that, but I do really love the Star Wars stuff, and seeing people in the costumes is great.  At the two I’ve now been to there’s been a really nice atmosphere, everyone is friendly and happy to be pursuing their chosen hobby.  We’ve tickets for the big York comic-con next month, the girls outfits have been ready for weeks and I’ve now got a star wars tshirt to wear too.

On Monday Daisy finished school nursery.  She’s blossomed so much since she started there, and we’ve all made some fantastic new friends.  I feel slightly teary about her starting school full time, and being away from her for so long every day, but she’s ready for it.  Her passion for learning is a wonderful thing to see, I hope it continues throughout school.

We’re now starting the school holidays, so will have plenty of adventures before Daisy starts back at school in September.


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