I’m now four days into Veganuary – being vegan for the month of January.  So far I’m doing OK, I’m enjoying the meals and not missing meat at all.  I prefer the plant based milks to cows milk – especially Alpro Vanilla in my coffee.  I do slightly miss cheese, and need to source some vegan cheese.  We normally shop in Aldi, with a couple of top ups in our local Sainsburys, they don’t stock any vegan cheese in either.  We’re going into York this weekend so I’ll pop to the big Holland and Barretts there and check out what they have.

Phil bought me a vegan cookbook for Christmas, I made a tart from that for my new years day dinner, Mum had one too – everyone else had turkey, ham and pork.  I’d spent a good 10 mins on new years eve looking at wines in Aldi to find a vegan red, which was nice, and I was also able to have some strawberry bellini fizz from M&S.  There’s been a couple of things that I’ve been surprised at them having milk in – aldi’s vegetable stock cubes for one, but otherwise it seems to be going well without causing any difficulty.


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