2017 goals

Here’s a few of the things I’d like to achieve this year:

  • Get back into a size 12
  • Go on a weekend away with Phil
  • Be less shouty
  • Complete veganuary
  • Do a pottery course
  • Be outside more
  • Improve our outdoor space
  • redecorate the hall, stairs and landing
  • redecorate the lounge
  • Have more date nights

A few of them are ones I worked on, or didn’t get round to last year – like being less shouty at the girls, and working on our outdoor space, and of course – the usual losing weight.

The girls really love being outside and both need some outdoor time each day.  Yesterday we did a long walk with their friends down the coach road, the girls loved being outside, getting muddy and spending time with their friends.


Phil and I would really love to go on a weekend break to Iceland, it’s somewhere we’ve both wanted to go for a long time.  I’ve ordered a guide, so we can decide what we definitely want to see, and I’ve been looking into how much we’d need to save for it.  It’s quite expensive, and it seems wrong to spend money on just us two when there’s four kids to think of first – but if we always think like that we’ll never go, and spending the time together just us is really important for our marriage.  I’d really love some grown up time where i’m not constantly distracted by looking after the girls, some time to just be me rather than being a Mummy.

Veganuary is a new one for this year.  It’s something I saw last year and contemplated giving a go in another month, but I just never got round to it.

The house is in desperate need of a lick of paint to freshen it up, everywhere looks grubby to me, with years and years of sticky paws everywhere.  We need to have our house rewired, but that’s something that’s likely to take a good 2 years to save up for.  At that point we’ll need to replaster all our walls, so there’s no point putting down new wallpaper, we just need to bodge ours up a bit.  We also need new windows, and my very longed for new kitchen.  We need a lottery win to be able to afford all these things…

Phil did manage to finally get our downstairs loo back in use for our New Years Day dinner – it’s been painted sage green, which I love, and the damaged ceiling has been lowered.  It still needs some work doing, but is looking good.





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