June to December

It’s been a long time since I updated.  Since my last post we haven’t done an awful lot, but a few things stick out.

We went to my cousin’s wedding in France.  It was lovely to be included, and very interesting to see the differences between an English and a French wedding – but unfortunately we ended up travelling down to it during a heat wave – without any aircon in our car.  This resulted in hot, angry children, stressed parents and somewhat ruined the whole experience for us.  My French was disgracefully rusty, despite trying to refresh my memory on duolingo, I found it difficult to remember any.  Spanish always seems to come easier for some reason.  Next time we go to France I will have to do more work!  Although I don’t think we’ll be returning to France for a long, long time…

School Summer holidays.  With us going to France in the summer holidays we didn’t do as much as I normally would.  We did lots of playing out, going for walks, going to the park.  We visited places like Temple Newsham, and went on bus trips to Leeds/York.  My favourite activity of the school holidays was on the last day, we went to Hope Pastures in Leeds.  A horse/donkey sanctuary.  We took friends with us and all the girls had a great time.  In the evening we met up with some more friends for a meal.  A great ending to the holidays.

Kids party season. We’ve been to an unbelievable amount of parties already – and had Daisy’s first proper birthday party at Crazy Tykes.  She absolutely loved it.  I’ve found the etiquette at kids parties quite baffling – it seems for some that when one child is invited that they assume their younger child is also invited, take them to the party, sit them down to eat and then expect a party bag for that child.  If Phoebe wasn’t named on the invite then I wouldn’t take her, or if I had to bring her, I’d speak to the parent to let them know and bring a pack up of food for her.

Birthdays.  Phoebe turned 2 in September, and Daisy 4 in November.  I can’t quite believe my tiny girls are growing up so fast. With them being so close in age they’ve pretty much shared the toys they got, both liking playmobil, sylvanian families, playdoh and lego.

Trampolining.  We’ve been to the Leeds and York trampolining places, both do an under 5’s session that the girls have absolutely loved.  I think I enjoyed it every bit as much as them.  We’ll definitely do more of that next year.  It’s the perfect morning activity for before school.

Life tends to revolve around school, so we haven’t been on as many days out this year.  Staying local has been fine though, both girls really enjoy going for ‘coffee’ or walking down to the cow field.  The girls now play together, which I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of listening to (right this minute they’re going to get married, which somehow involves using the shopping trolley to carry the wedding flowers).  Daisy got a bike for her birthday, so we often do bike rides or she’ll use her scooter.  We’ve looked after Meg quite a bit, she’s too old to go in kennels now so needs to come to us instead, we all love having her and the change in routine.  Doing more walking is always a bonus.

I’ve read a lot more this year, deciding to retire my food blog helped ease feelings of guilt for reading or colouring when I should have been blogging instead.  I haven’t done very well diet wise this year, I lost a stone in the summer doing two weeks of eating 800 calories a day, with no refined carbs or processed sugar.  That soon came back on when I got out of the habit of eating like that.  I’ve given up my gym membership, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been this year.  Not having a bridge connected the sides of Tadcaster, and not being able to afford the extra petrol to drive round, or feel confident cycling down and leaving my bike outside, meant that I hardly ever went.  It’s a shame because I enjoyed it.  I’d like to start going again when both kids are at school and I don’t have to go on an evening.  I’m pretty unhappy with the way I look at the moment, and I’m having a lot of back pain because of the extra weight, so I need to tackle my terrible binge eating on an evening.

I did an online nutrition course, which I’ve enjoyed, but only finished that one, the other two I started I haven’t finished.  I’d still love to do an evening course and learn something, we couldn’t afford to spend the money on something like that this year but might be able to next year, if I save enough before September.

I’ll have to start thinking about my usual end of year round up for my next post.


One thought on “June to December

  1. sebsmummy

    Ah Rachel it is nice to see you blogging again. Isn’t it just lovely when they start to play together, it frees up a bit of time for you too. Xx


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