Earlier this week I made the decision to wind up my food blog. Making the choice has been such a weight off my mind. My heart was no longer in it, blogging was feeling a chore. 

I’d like to continue to blog, but more on a personal level to document what we’ve been up to as a family, and more focused on my (many) hobbies.

I’m still loving colouring – a lot. I’ve done a couple of button pictures, and have one to make as a belated first birthday present.  I have an MDF rainbow that needs painting/decorating that will be a birthday present for Phoebe. I need some acrylic paints for it.  My jewellery making collection keeps calling to me, but I’d need a quiet few hours on my own to work on some pieces.

Our girls are coming on leaps and bounds, Phoebe’s vocabulary is beyond all expectations, she’s a chatterbox and sings all the time. The three of us love singing along together in the car.  Since starting school nursery Daisy’s confidence has trebled, it’s so lovely to see her talking to her teachers and other grown ups – previously she’d only speak to trusted adults. I love seeing her flourish at school, and seeing how much she enjoys her new friendships.  Age 3 very much seems like the best and worst of times, whining and diva strops are draining, it’s hard to remain mindful that she’s still so tiny and learning to deal with the huge emotions. My resolution to not shout is not always stuck to. I must try harder to be the parent I want to be, and the parent my girls deserve.

Phil and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last month, a whole year since our wedding – crazy. As it was ‘paper’ I bought Phil a little Star Wars print, he got me a lovely new colouring book and some gel pens (already claimed by Daisy). We went to a French restaurant in York in the evening – it was so lovely to go out on our own. Very needed.


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