I am very, very, very late to the party with the whole adult colouring thing.  When it first became big I pooh-poohed it as being nonsence, I had far better things to be doing with my time.  But then I bought Phil a colouring book and some nice pens, and saw him colouring, and thought hey, why not, I’ll give it a go.  I was going to ask for a page from his book but then found my own at the pound shop.

One a separate note – you know you go to the pound shop too much when going to the pound shop becomes a regular game of your three year old’s.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to get two new colouring books, and some gorgeous Sharpie felt pens – I can now return the pack of pens I stole from the 3 year old, and wouldn’t let her use…

When the girls are finally in bed, and I’m sat down with that oh so delicious and satisfying HOT cup of tea in peace, then it’s time for the colouring book to come out.  Or, some afternoons I’ll risk a colouring session with the three year old, while the one year old sleeps.  She seems to have moved on from wanting to colour on my page – I hope…



2 thoughts on “Colouring

  1. LuAnne Holder

    I got into coloring in a similar way. I started with zen tangles which are portable and fun. Then I started adding color to these pen and ink doodles. When my sister-in-law’s birthday came around and she was very stressed about work, I got some coloring books and colored pencils for her. Then my husband bought some books and new pencils for me and I’ve been hooked since. I do find it meditative. I have not used markers. I might try that, but I love Prang colored pencils. I enjoyed your post – love connections with new people. Nice to meet you, Rachel. 🙂

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