Rounding up 2015

I’m writing this from bed, having had an operation yesterday I’m still feeling a bit woozy and in pain. Whilst I was waiting to go for my op yesterday I was thinking about the year we’ve had, and what my ambitions for 2016 are.

The biggest thing to happen to us this year was getting married. I will share the story of our day at some point, but that’s a post for another day. I don’t feel any different as a married woman, but I know it made Phil feel more secure. I do prefer having the same surname as my children, although it’s taking some getting used to.  I have lots of wedding pictures round the house, and love looking at them.

Our girls have come on leaps and bounds, Daisy is so much taller, has a vocabulary that surprises me each day and becomes more hilarious by the minute; and Phoebe is walking and running, getting into as much mischief as her big sister.  Daisy has had a year at preschool, going two mornings a week – she starts her proper school nursery in January, where she’ll go five afternoons a week. I’ve mixed feelings on that, but I hope she’ll enjoy it, and I look forward to becoming involved with school.  Phoebe loves singing and dancing, playing with dollies and Lego. I hope to do more crafts with her while Daisy is at school, she loves playing out as much as her big sister so we’ll be doing that and I’ve plans to make both girls their own gardens in planters.  Being a SAHM is harder than I ever thought it would be, some days I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown, but then other days I have a lovely time and I feel like I could burst with happiness.

We had a lovely holiday in August, going on holiday with young children is NOT a holiday, but we loved spending time together, and Phil took them to the play area every day and left me to read in peace.

When pregnant with Phoebe in 2014 I read loads, but lost my reading mojo till the middle of this year. I’m now back reading again, and hope to continue devouring books in 2016.

I looked back at my goals for 2015:

Lose weight – I lost 1.5st over the year (we won’t talk about the bit that’s crept back on over Christmas). I do wish I’d lost another stone on top of that

Be more organised – I was super organised for the wedding, I defy anyone to have a better wedding spreadsheet. But that seemed to sap all my organisation out of me, and now we’re in a bit of a mess with paperwork etc.

Be more active – I didn’t end up doing the GYBR, and being active was a big fat fail until September. I started on the Move it to lose it scheme which gave 12 weeks of free gym membership and free slimming world sessions. I only lost 6ib in those weeks, but I lost a lot in inches, and I found that I really enjoyed going to the gym. My favourite sessions are Saturday and Sunday mornings, I feel fantastic all day after going. It’s also a great release to go after a long day with the kids, giving me some much needed head space.

Do more crafting – we made loads for the wedding; seating plan, place cards, all invitations, table numbers etc. I really enjoyed it, and loved working with Phil on them too. I’ve done bits and pieces with the kids, I’m trying to do something for each season, so we have a display in the dining room and projects to work on. I hold my hat to childminders and nursery workers – supervising more than one child doing crafting is ridiculously hard. Phoebe has eaten more paint than I care to think…

So what for 2016?

Continue losing weight
Take a class at the gym
Work towards being fit enough for spinning
When I joined the gym they made it clear I wasn’t fit enough for spinning, which I accepted with good grace. I hope that by continuing to exercise at the gym, increasing my running on the treadmill etc, that by March I’ll be fit enough. I’d also like to do the pilates class. I should continue to lose weight doing that, but I won’t be going back to Slimming World.

Be outside more with the girls
Not shout as much
Be more fun
I regularly feel like ‘bad cop’ being the parent at home all day, doing the mundane with them, working on manners, keeping them safe when outside, trying to get them to eat fruit and veg. I want to do more fun things in 2016, I need to work out a list of activities and ask the girls what they want to do.

I find that when we’re in the house too much we all become very irritable, I shout too much, the girls bicker. I want to be outdoors more in 2016, and that should help with not shouting so much. I’m a very shouty person, so it’s quite difficult to change that. It’s about time I reread Toddler Calm and start putting what I’m reading into practice.

Have a regular date night with Phil
Have an evening a week of no technology
Reintroduce our Sunday afternoon walks
Phil and I always come last, we need to spend time together on our own, and we need to spend time as a family.  When Daisy was small we’d often go for a walk on a Sunday, it gives us much needed outdoor time away from tv and phones, and works up an appetite for Sunday dinner.  I’d really like us to have an evening each week of no technology, no telly on and no phones on. We could read together, do our colouring together, do some decorating together, do a board game or listen to music. Obviously we’ll start this when I’ve finished watching Game of Thrones…

Be more mindful
Learn something
Do more with my food blog
When adult colouring books became quite fashionable I pooh-poohed them as nonsense, I had better things to do. But then I got Phil one and saw it looked quite fun, so when I found one at the pound shop I thought I’d have a go too – it really does clear your mind. When Phoebe is napping I’ll often sit with Daisy and we’ll colour together.
I love to learn, we’re going to a wedding in France next year so brushing up on my French will be a project, and I do want to pick up sign language again – maybe something for September if we can afford it.
My food blog has been sadly neglected. Being on slimming world has narrowed the foods I felt I could eat, the recipes I could try and impacted on the baking we did, hardly any in comparison with other years. I need to re ignite my love of cooking and baking, and put more effort into my food blog. (And this one too!).

Improve the house
Make more of our outdoor space
We’re currently in the middle of moving all the bedrooms around. Our new bedroom just needs another coat of paint, and a new carpet, then we’re good to go. We’ll finally have our own room again – well as soon as Daisy and Phoebe are in their rooms.  We also need to paint the downstairs loo, freshen up the living room and dining room, and the stairs and landing. We won’t do full redecorating because we need to rewire the whole house, and then replaster every where.

I quite enjoyed gardening this year – ok yes, Phil did all the donkey work, I tend to just have the vision. But I really want to make our gardens look nice. I’m aiming to grow more fruit, a bit of veg, and lots of flowers.

So that’s it. Quite a lot of things to work at.


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