Catch up…

It’s been a long time since I updated.  I had meant to do a round up of each week of the school holidays, what activities we’d done and the places we’d been – but we went on holiday to Norfolk and my blogging resolve appeared to have stayed there.

Our holiday was lovely; a week away in a static caravan, but oh my – the journey was arduous.  Five hours driving there, and eight hours to get home.  Traffic was horrendous.  It was lovely to have our first holiday as a four though.  It was nice to be away for Phil’s birthday, but he did miss his boys.

At the end of the school holidays I took all the kids to Leeds on the bus, and then hopped on another bus up to Roundhay.  We had lunch at the park, then went over to Tropical World, then back to the playground and for an icecream before the two buses home.  It was mammoth effort, dealing with four children and a pushchair, on buses – but a great day out.IMAG1867IMAG1880In September the kids went back to school, Daisy started her half term at Tumble Tots – we enjoyed it but found her to be a bit advanced at climbing and would probably be more suited to the age 3 class, but you have to leave her at that one, which I’m not comfortable with just yet, so we haven’t gone back after half term.  We also had a lovely trip to York Railway Museum with friends.  At the end of September we had Phoebe’s first birthday and then my birthday the day after.  I was very emotional at Phoebe turning one, reminiscing about her birth and those hard early weeks.  First birthdays seem such a huge milestone.  We went to Swithens Farm for Phoebe’s birthday, we do love it there.

12048950_10100116747746148_1258779829_n 12047656_10100116511779028_2043637463_n 12053230_10100116448685468_326508079_nIn October Phil and I had our honeymoon, four days in Rome.  What an amazing city; so much to see and do, all the wonderful things to eat and drink, and the people watching was superb.  Ancient Rome really blew us away, but I felt a bit disappointed by the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel – I’d almost expected a kind of religious epiphany being there – but I felt nothing.  We had a tough month with both girls not sleeping very well, colds, half term disrupting our routines and both Phil and I feeling very low.  Halloween seemed to turn things round, Daisy was enthralled with getting dressed up and going trick or treating and has talked of it nonstop since.


The beginning of this month has been Daisy’s third birthday.  Time is just flying by.  She’s due to start school nursery in September, we’ll be getting the uniform list shortly.  I’m not sure I’m ready for her to be away from me every afternoon – but she’s looking forward to it and we often discuss her going to ‘big school’.  If we didn’t live on the same street as the school then I’m sure I would home school them both very happily.

11215890_10100123906210528_7128927747488834574_n 12063581_10100123905891168_8184421522397768155_n

We’re now starting to look towards Christmas, we’ve bought the girls main present, a new cooker, and I’ve picked them up a book each.  I’ll be doing the bulk of their shopping in the first week of December though.   We’ll be crafting up a storm of course, and have already started our Christmas Trees – more to follow on those…

It’s been a bumpy few months, lots of highs and lows, I’ve had some terrible days but then also some fantastic days.  Above anything else I’m sure that staying at home has been the right decision for our family.  We may be quite poor, but we’re rich on time and love.


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