My happy list

I saw this on Clare’s blog, so thought I’d give it a go. My 10 things that make me happy.

1. Phil. I can’t wait to become Mrs Hughes, Phil and my girls are my world. We bicker like mad, but love each other so much. He makes me so happy.

2. My girls.



I love my little ladies so much, they’re both little characters. Daisy can be a handful, but she’s very loving. Pheebs is laid back, until she wants her food, then she lets you know she’s cross. I can’t believe I have such lovely girls.

3. Being a SAHM. Not something I ever planned to be, I always wanted to be a ‘career woman’, and I did that for a while. My last job had a lot of responsibility, with that came a huge feeling of satisfaction of how far I’d come, but it also came with a lot of stress.  My life now is totally different, I love being at home with my girls, going out for walks, to the park, on trips, baking, crafting…. Every day is the weekend for me, I have no more lying awake at night worrying about the next days meetings and deadlines.

4. Driving. I passed my test in April 2013, I didn’t think i’d ever get to the point where I liked driving, but now I really do. I love being able to easily get wherever I need to go.

5. Crafting. Be it making things with Daisy, or making things on my own, I love crafting and always have projects on the go.

6. Our home. Our house is by no means perfect, it needs A LOT of work. But I love our new bathroom, and every new thing we put in the rest of the house. Making changes to make the house representative of both of us. I love it most when we’ve got the kids to bed, tidied up, steam cleaned the floors and then sat down with a cuppa. I look forward to decorating together and transforming the rest of the house.

7. Friends and family. Both are very important to me.

8. Flowers. There’s nothing nicer than a bunch of flowers. This time of year is great for Daffodils, so affordable and really brighten things up.

9. Cooking and baking. I’m not as creative in the kitchen as I used to be, I don’t have the same amount of money available to spend on food, but I still enjoy cooking. I’ve loved baking since I was little, I’m not great at it, but I try – I’m rubbish at decorating, so I get Phil to do all my icing πŸ™‚

10. Cycling. I love being out on my bike, especially really early in the morning when there’s hardly any traffic, its so peaceful and relaxing. Apart from hills, they can buzz off!


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