12 week count down to the wedding

The weeks are hurtling towards our wedding at a rapid pace. The past few weeks have been a blur of dress buying, suit hiring, bridesmaid dress commissioning, and of course, wedding invitation making.

We got the bulk of our invites out two weeks ago, and now I’m poised at the laptop and letterbox awaiting RSVPs. We have almost all of them in now, and have more coming than we were expecting. There’s a possibility we might even have more than the ceremony room holds…

We both have large families so haven’t been able to invite as many friends as I would have wanted to the day time, which is a shame, but I hope those that receive evening invitations will understand that we had to give family priority.

Next on my wedding craft agenda are the evening invites, I’ll be designing them this week and then will be getting the glue out again for some more making sessions. I then need to do bus tickets, place settings and the seating plan. I’m looking forward to doing them, but I’ll probably be tearing my hair out at getting them done.

I haven’t found that perfect pair of wedding shoes yet, its proving to be a much harder task than finding the dress!


2 thoughts on “12 week count down to the wedding

  1. Clare

    I can relate on the wedding shoes. I’m really struggling. I’ve always found shoes hard to find being a half size and mixing that issue with wedding shoes is a nightmare!


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