2015 plan

My plan for 2014 was to simply be healthy. Finding out I was pregnant scuppered my plans to train for the GYBR again and beat my time, I tried to keep active in pregnancy though and did a bit of swimming and walking.

In 2015 I’d like to:

Lose weight
I’m still above my pre-pregnancy weight so I’m working at losing that, plus the extra weight I want to lose for our wedding at the end of May.

Be more organised
My days seem to merge into one, the wedding is hurtling towards us now and I am not prepared at all. I need to be more organised and not leave everything to the last minute, or forget anything.

Be more active
I’ve become a little reliant on the car. I need to get back to walking more often. It will help me lose weight and save petrol! I’m going to train for the 2015 GYBR to give me a goal to work towards, I’m even considering a spinning class!

Do more crafting
Daisy and I did loads of crafts together over Christmas, it was lovely doing different projects together. I’m aiming for Monday to always be a crafting day, and will be joining in with a crafting link to keep us inspired.


2 thoughts on “2015 plan

  1. Em

    I’d say the wedding organisation one is an important one – prioritise that if you can! I left far too much to the last minute and regret it. The days leading up to the wedding would have been much better relaxing and sending time with loved ones rather than frantically sewing, sticking, doing table plans, etc. Work out the things you absolutely have to do and do those first. The rest you can do if you have time. 🙂 most of all though, enjoy the run up as much as you can – it all goes too quickly!! (Sorry for the mini essay there!)


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