Birth story


I wasn’t very good at updating this blog while I was pregnant.  I finished work at 35 weeks, the tiredness and sheer size of me was talking its toll.

The weeks went by, each of them bringing their own problems.  Swelling, cellulitis, reduced movement, increased heart rate…. I had a spell overnight in hospital due to mine and baby’s heart rates being too high.  I found the last few weeks very tough. Especially when I got too big to drive.

40 weeks came and went, and I was starting to get panicked at being left 12 days before getting induced. I’d even tried acupuncture at 39 weeks to bring labour on.  I think it started contractions but sadly not full labour.

At 40+4 I finally woke up to contractions. I’d been having them every day for the week prior, but they always stopped at night. I woke up at 2:45am with contractions 4-6 mins apart. I waited half an hour then woke Phil to help time them and help me put the tens machine on. They were only lasting 40 seconds. When they dropped to every 4 mins I rang labour ward. Moving down the stairs seemed to ramp things up, while I was on the phone with labour ward contractions went to every 3 mins and she timed them as lasting a minute.  Given that we live 25-30 mins drive from hospital I was told to call 999 for an ambulance.  The fast responder car arrived in about 2 mins maybe even less, then the ambulance arrived about 5 mins after. I took the tens machine off but unfortunately left it at home rather than take it to hospital. The paramedics got the gas and air going and then took me off in the ambulance.  I was upset because I was still in my scruffy PJ’s, and cos we hadn’t yet managed to get through to my parents to come for Daisy.

While in the ambulance the contractions went to every 2 mins but only lasting 30 seconds.  The trip up there seems so surreal now, knowing I was being blue lighted. The paramedics were lovely, helping me stay calm.  Sadly when I arrived and was examined at 5am I was only 1cm dilated! When they told me that I lost it and begged them not to send me home with contractions every 2 mins.  They agreed I could stay, but took the gas and air off me – which I wasn’t happy about. Phil arrived an hour after I’d got there, and I was moved to the antenatal ward.

I got re-examined at 8am and by then had progressed to 5cm.  Those hours in between are a complete blur. The pain was so intense, and remaining at every 2 mins.  When they’d examined me they’d found that baby was back to back, so the contractions were trying to get baby to turn.  I wasn’t coping with the pain, I lost it a few times and my midwife had to shout at me to bring me back into control. I could only hover about, I found it really painful to even get on the bed.

We’d agreed that I could have an epidural, so once I reached 5cm I was then moved to labour ward, allowed the gas and air back and then a while later was given the epidural.  Stopping the pain was like a fog had been lifted.  Prior to it I could only speak one word answers if anything at all.  Once the pain stopped I was coherent, and could speak and think clearly. 

Unfortunately I stopped progressing for a few hours, and nothing else happened till my waters were broken, then I progressed up to 10cm quickly.  I was given an hours rest before I started pushing. I knew at this point I didn’t have much left, and was very tired.  The pushing didn’t go well, baby was still back to back and wasn’t being moved at all by my pushes, so I was taken down to theatre for forceps.  It was exactly what had happened with Daisy so I wasn’t frightened.

I was told that my pelvis is a funny shape, so it was difficult for baby to get round.  An episiotomy and the forceps and me pushing managed to get things moving – I’m still not clear if they had to do the turn or not, but unfortunately baby’s shoulder got stuck, which caused more drama, but finally out baby came.

A girl!


The next drama was my placenta not coming away, so I had to have a manual removal of that.  It seemed to be taking forever, I was expecting to end up being opened up to get it.

Finally I was stitched up and taken back to our room. I’d had a quick cuddle, then baby had been given to Phil, so he did skin to skin with her while I was still in theatre.  I had another cuddle with her while Phil did the ringing round and announcing of the name.

Phoebe Rose

At 8ib4 she was much bigger than I was expecting, I’d brought in tiny baby clothes!

We stayed overnight on the postnatal ward then was allowed home the next day.

The care we had at York was fantastic, the midwives I had during labour were amazing, working 12 hours without a break, and dealing with two of us having a difficult birth.

The last 3 weeks have flown by. Daisy is getting used to being a big sister, and we’re getting used to being a nocturnal household again!






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