Catch up

I haven’t blogged on here for a long time.  I’m still continuing with my quest to be healthy in 2014, more so after finding out at the end of January that I’m pregnant.  I’m now 18 weeks and enjoying this pregnancy much more than my first – not because it’s been easier, I actually think I’ve felt worse, but because I don’t feel anxious about this one.  I know what’s coming, we’ve done it before.

I wasn’t able to continue with Slimming World, but I will be returning to it once I’ve had this baby.

I’ve tried to carry on doing nice things with Daisy, playing out in the garden, going swimming, going out for lunch, going to soft play, making cards together for relatives.  She’s growing up so quickly, her speech is starting to come on, and she’s such a little character.  She’ll be a complete handful, she doesn’t stop for a minute, always busy with something.  It makes me worry how I’ll cope when the new baby comes, but I’ll soon adapt and learn how to look after two.

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I feel like I’ve got involved with Easter a lot more this year, I did Easter crafting with Phil’s niece and nephew , and made an Easter card for my parents with Daisy – I just seem to have been caught up in the general excitement of it all.  I’d tried to avoid Daisy having too much chocolate, and we bought her a table and chairs instead of an egg.  But she came and sat with me and helped herself to half the egg I was eating, and brought a little easter bag full of treats from nursery.

We’ve had a lovely weekend, Phil managed to get out on his motorbike on Friday, and I went to Blacker Hall Farm with my Mum and Daisy.  It was expensive for lunch, but lovely and clean with great facilities for babies/toddlers/kids.  Saturday we went to IKEA to pick up Daisy’s table, then had a relaxing afternoon.  Today we’ve had another relaxing day, I managed to try out a new cake recipe ahead of cake club.  I’m hoping for good weather tomorrow so we can get out for a walk somewhere, and Daisy can have a run about and enjoy some nature.


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