2014 plan

I decided this year I wasn’t going to make any resolutions, I’m simply aiming to Be Healthy.

Two weeks into the year I’m not doing too badly.

I’ve re-joined Slimming World.  I’m quite enjoying being back at Fat Club – I’d expected my cooking mojo to return once I’d quit last year, but it didn’t.  We just ate the same things week in and week out.   I’ve accepted this time that I’ll eat different meals to everyone else – I don’t have the energy to cook food and it be wasted, so if I cook the food I like for me then it will always be eaten.  I lost 5ib in my first week and am aiming for that half a stone award this week.

I’ve been trying to walk more, I ran around soft play, like a lunatic, this weekend with Daisy, and today we’ve been swimming – it was Daisy’s first swimming lesson.

I’m not drinking at the moment (not this January dryathalon business – just to ensure I’m not blowing syns on wine) and I’m trying my best to make time for everyone.  A lot of the time I feel torn trying to keep everyone happy, having a child I just don’t have the time to socialise (or the money) that I used to.  But I’m trying to keep up with everyone’s news, be supportive of what they’ve got on and be interested in what they’re upto – I hope that goes some way to making up for when I can’t go out.  

We’ve also had a lovely family afternoon out to York Railway Museum, making sure we use our weekend’s on more than being chauffeurs and cleaning! 



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