Weightloss Journey

It’s no secret that I struggle with my weight.  I yoyo diet, lose weight and then gain it again.  I’ve lived years of being on a diet, falling off the wagon, going on another diet…. I gained 3 stone in pregnancy, I’d lost over 2st when I joined Slimming World when Daisy was 8 weeks old, and I now weigh less than before I was pregnant. (Just).

I’ve lost 1st 6Ib with Slimming World.  It was 1st9Ib but in the last 4 weeks I’ve gained 3Ibs.  I just haven’t been able to follow the plan recently.

We’re having a tough time with Daisy.  She’s been teething, then poorly, then teething and now teething and poorly.  We’re getting very little sleep.

Eating has become a battle, it’s stressing me out.  Coping with members of the family who won’t eat vegetables (onions, peppers, courgettes, sweetcorn….) I’m having to eat separate meals.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to carry on like this.  What I need to eat for slimming world isn’t what anyone else wants to eat.  I don’t even want to eat it.  Thinking about what I can and can’t eat all the time is making me miserable.

I made the decision yesterday to quit Slimming World.

I feel like a failure, but I’m wasting £5 per week at the moment.  I don’t think my group is as good as other ones, it’s the same people talking each meeting and the meetings take too long.  Going round an enormous group and clapping everyone’s weightloss can take up to an hour.  This is happening when Daisy goes to bed, when I should be at home.  There is a later group – but 7:30pm is too late for me, I wait until I’ve weighed before eating, to go all day to 7:30 on very little food makes me feel ill.

I sound whiney, and I’m making a lot of excuses.  I feel like I’ve failed and let everyone down. You can’t deny that the plan works, but it still doesn’t feel right for me.  I don’t want to be on a plan for the rest of my life.

I’m going to adopt Steve Miller’s “Eat less and move more” philosophy.

I have a fantastic bike, and I love cycling.  I need to get out on my bike more.  I need to go swimming.  I need to walk more.  Being back at work I hardly do any walking now, I need to make more of an effort to not be so sedentary.

Easier said than done when so tired though…


3 thoughts on “Weightloss Journey

  1. Sarah Doyle

    It is all too easy to be critical of ourselves, particularly when we are bombarded with images of stick thin women. Be proud of what you have lost. Your little lady is less than a year old and you already weigh less than your or pregnancy weight. Pretty impressive in my book.

    If slimming world isn’t working, it isn’t working. Different things work for different people, and if its making your miserable then that’s no good for anyone.

    Maybe try swapping unhealthy snacks for lighter ones when at work, eg take fruit and veg sticks instead of a bag of crisps or chocolate. Can you go for a walk at lunchtime?

    You will get there. Xxx

  2. Mrs M (@madamding)

    You 100% need to be in the right place mentally when trying to lose weight. I can be really successful at it when motivated, other times, when I have other things going on, it’s completely fruitless and pointless. Don’t be hard on yourself. There’s plenty of time to lose weight and it doesn’t matter if you only lose 1lb a month, concentrate on yourself right now not whether you’re the correct weight or not. Hopefully you’ll get some more sleep soon and feel better. Just keep repeating “it’s just a phase, it’s just a phase…” It will and does get much much easier, in the meantime I’d take the easiest route in everything, including mealtimes!

  3. notonlytea

    *big hugs* you haven’t failed, it is actually normal for people not to succeed with diets, it’s not even a case of self-control it’s just about how bodies work, it’s very rare for people to keep the weight off. Finding time to do some exercise you enjoy is really the best thing for your health ever and you’ll be more healthy if you spend some of the time saved by not being at slimming world cycling, sleeping and just having chance to relax (lack of sleep and lots of stress are big factors in making people overweight!). Stay happy you is most important 🙂


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