Messy Play

One of my goals for this year has been to do lots of fun things with Daisy.  Now I’m back at work I have Monday off with her, so try to make our Monday’s full of activities and lots of fun.  We meet friends, go for walks, go swimming, do dancing and singing, and today we’ve done messy play for the first time on this scale.


If we’re eating then I always let Daisy feel the food, give it a good squelch and then mush it about on her tray if she wants to, especially jelly.  But I hadn’t attempted something on this scale before.  She loved it, but it didn’t half make a mess – mopping the floor when it’s hot wasn’t great!

Next on my list is food colouring dyed spaghetti play!


One thought on “Messy Play

  1. Emma

    Ahhh she had a fab time, i love the photo of her sat in it!
    I’ve made up some jelly to do jelly and custard play with the boys tomorrow, should be interesting!


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