Great Yorkshire Bike Ride

Last weekend I achieved another one of my goals for this year, completing the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride.  It’s a 70 mile bike ride from Wetherby to Filey.  And it’s one tough challenge!

It’s been hard to find the time to train, I definitely didn’t do enough, but I did as much as I could.

We set off at 8:40 and were promptly overtaken by all of our group, but that didn’t bother me.  I know it always takes at least 10 miles for me to get into my pace.











We made it to the first refreshment stop without any problems, grabbed a bacon butty (clearly the food of athletes) and then headed off again.  Sadly that’s when the heavens decided to open, and I was soaked through very quickly.  The rain stopped when we got to the next refreshment stop, but the damage was done!

We eventually got to the lunch stop, 36 miles in, and I knew at this point I was starting to tire.  There was a big hill before lunch, which took it out of me quite a lot.  Lunch was a much needed sandwich, kitkat chunky, banana and a cup of tea!

The section after lunch was the hardest for me.  Miles 36-54 were pure hell.  Hill after hill after hill. Rain. Cold. Misery.  I very nearly threw in the towel twice on this section.  It was only the knowledge that people had sponsored me to do 70 miles that kept me going, I couldn’t let them down!  At one of my lowest points of the day I reached the top of a hill and very, very nearly broke down in tears.  The marshall there gave me a much needed pep talk and a push off and I managed to carry on after that little boost.

I was so pleased to get to the next refreshment stop, the sun had come out and as soon as I heard I’d done 54 miles I felt instantly boosted – that was the most I’d ever done, I was still going and I knew I could finish.  We set back off and absolutely flew to the final refreshment stop.  I was averaging 16 mph over that stretch, a beautiful, flat, fast section!  At the final refreshment stop I had a cup of tea, met a lovely little horsey, and then got back on the road to get up to Filey.  I gritted my teeth and slogged it out.  I was so tired though.

We finally arrived to the caravan park at 5:30pm – half an hour after the proper finish!  I lost a huge amount of time during miles 36-54, and then as we got into Filey we had to stop at the level crossing for a train. Typical!



As you can see, I was one happy Mamma to be finishing.  Even though it took me too long, I’m still proud I finished.  Proper cyclists and people much, much thinner and fitter than me dropped out along the way, but I did it.  I finished and achieved my goal!


I was so pleased to see my Mum, Phil and Daisy Duck there at the end, and the crowd that were still there cheering was brilliant to come in to.

It was a fantastic day.  Brilliantly organised, and all the people helping were fantastic at boosting spirits.  I’m hugely proud of myself for achieving this – and I can’t wait to do it again and smash my time!


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