Driving Miss Daisy



It’s been a long time coming, and taken a lot of work.  But 2 weeks ago I passed my driving test.  Taking my test 2 days after Daisy’s christening wasn’t a great idea.  I was still stressed out from the day.

I thought I’d failed in the first 30 seconds, I could feel my eyes filling with tears, but I willed myself to carry on and I just drove.  And I passed.  I was so shocked.

I’ve now done my pass plus and have driven to a few places in Leeds, York and Harrogate.  Although I’ve been on the motorway for my pass plus, I still feel very nervous about going on – particularly because on Friday I had to almost stop at the end of the slip road going back on to the A64.  I don’t think it was all my fault, the car in the left lane could have slowed down for me, it seemed to – so I accelerated, but then so did they and we were still in a 3 car lock, I slammed on as I was getting to the end of the slip road and managed to slip in behind it.  Maybe I misjudged their intentions, maybe they didn’t pay any attention to me, but I think it should have been going slower than the car in the right lane anyway, and would it have been so bad so have slowed down and flashed me out?

I had to go on the A64 yesterday, but I was nervous on it.  I’ve been working hard this week on not over revving, but I ended up doing that yesterday, then I took a wrong exit off the roundabout, and then I struggled with the parking.  It’s like Friday’s incident has set me back weeks.  I’ve lost the little bit of confidence I gained from passing.

I have enjoyed being able to drive though, I’ve been able to get out and about with Daisy easier, take her swimming, and take her to nursery.

I start back at work on Tuesday.  I’m scared stiff about the drive to and from work.  I’m worried about leaving her.  Will she think I don’t love her any more?  How on earth will I get everything done in the house, and work, and spend time with Daisy and Phil, and socialise, and my hobbies, and exercise and lose weight?


One thought on “Driving Miss Daisy

  1. Emma

    Well done on passing!!
    Good luck on going back to work, Daisy will never think think that you don’t love her, she will have a lovely time at nursery xx


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