Happy New Year

The new year is here, rather than set ‘resolutions’, which are never kept, like last year I’ve decided to set some goals of things I’d like to achieve.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Get fitter
  3. Do the Great Yorkshire Bike ride
  4. Pass my driving test
  5. Do fantastic things with Daisy
  6. Spend quality time with Phil
  7. Cook more interesting dishes
  8. Book a holiday
  9. See my brother and nephew more
  10. Be happy

1 to 3 will go hand in hand really, I need to lose the last of the baby weight, then get started on the weight I needed to lose before getting pregnant.  Bike riding is one of the few forms of exercise I enjoy doing, so training for a 70 mile bike ride will help – and this year I won’t get pregnant and then not be able to do it!  I’m going to join slimming world tomorrow.  I’ve always said that I’d never do the going to the class, paying someone to weigh me to tell me I’m fat and need to lose weight – I already know that, and I can weigh myself for free at home – but I’m hoping that going will make me stick to the diet, and will help me get to know people in Tadcaster.

I need to be driving when I go back to work, so I can always get home to pick Daisy up from childminders/nursery.  I’m now at the point where not driving is no longer an option.  I haven’t driven since the first time I took my test, over 2 years ago.  I know I can drive, I just can’t reverse around a corner, and I’m not very good at roundabouts or changing lanes on dual carriageways.  The thought of driving makes me feel sick with nerves, there are so many cars and bad drivers on the road, I’m petrified of crashing.  But I have no choice.  I have to do it.

I want to make the most of the time I have with Daisy during the remaining few months I have off work, and then make sure that the day off work I have during the week, and then weekends that I make the most of the time we have together.  I’m aiming to do as much of the housework as I can on an evening, and will be drawing up a rota of what needs doing on what days to try and achieve that.  I want to take her to parks, swimming, go to baby classes, do activities together, feed the ducks….

In the same way I want to spend time with Daisy I also want to spend quality time with Phil.  It’s become apparent that our weekends are taken up with the kids, so we aren’t getting the quality time together that we used to.  I’d like to make sure we do a date night once a month, and that Daisy goes to her Grandparents to stay over to also give us a break – and a full night’s sleep!

I love cooking, reading and trying new recipes and making my own up out of whatever we have lurking in our fridge or freezer.  I’ve become very stuck in a rut though, we seem to eat the same things each week, mostly because they’re easy to cook or ones I know we’ll both like.  But I’m bored of eating the same things, so I’d like to try a new recipe once a week at least.

Our holiday last May seems like it was five years ago.  As always at this time of year I’m craving sunshine and warmth.  I normally have a little trip out to Tenerife to visit my grandparents during the winter months, but Daisy is too little to fly – I wouldn’t be able to cope with the stress of her crying on the plane.  If it didn’t cost so much then I would love to hire a VW Campervan and have a little holiday in that – but they’re just too expensive, we could go abroad for that kind of money.  Phil isn’t a fan of the sun so we’ll need to decide where we’re going to go, home or abroad, and when.  But we need to go somewhere!

I saw my nephew the day after Daisy was born, and then again over Christmas.  In just that short 8 weeks he’d changed so much, has started saying new words, and his forceful little personality is really starting to shine through.  We all went to Temple Newsham together last week, when he grabbed hold of my hand to walk my heart melted.  It worries me that he won’t really know us, and won’t have the bond with Daisy that we did with our cousins who we got to see quite a lot as kids.  So I need to take a trip down to Reading to see them soon, and make a real effort to see them more – not always relying on them coming up here.

Number 10 speaks for itself.  I don’t think I could be much happier than I am right now but I still have a few worries that keep me awake at night.  I probably will be happier when I have the weight of learning to drive again lifted off my shoulders, and when I’ve gone back to work and seen that leaving Daisy with a childminder won’t make her think someone else is her Mummy and not me.  Losing some weight will make me feel a bit better about how I look – when I look in the mirror I really don’t like what I see.


One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. mike tattersall (@indieices)

    Good luck with these, I learnt 2 drive when I was 32, so you have years on me yet, still really glad I did as useful as kids get bigger. We found it hard travelling abroad with little ones and not sure it’s really worth it. Enjoy Yorkshire 🙂


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