39 weeks – the one with the false alarm

I reached 39 weeks on Thursday, and on Friday morning I woke up just after 5am in pain, then it lessened, then I noticed it started again.  These pains felt completely different to other pains I’ve had – much stronger, I could feel them starting, increasing in intensity and then wearing off.  I started to time them, wondering if I should wake Phil up.  They timed at 10 minutes apart.  Then they moved to 7 minutes apart.  Phil woke up and I told him what was happening.  But then the timings changed and it went back up to 10 mins apart.  Phil held off from going to work, neither of us knowing if this was the real thing or not.  I also had a pain like a stitch in my right side, which never went off.

At 8am I went in the bath, and then noticed that the contractions were stopping.  They’d completely stopped by 9am, after we’d rung our community midwives, and also Maternity Assessment at LGI. I was more worried about the constant pain in my side, but Maternity Assessment eased my worries by saying it was likely to be the way the baby was laid.  The pain didn’t stop for all of Friday though.

I sent Phil to work and managed to sleep for a few hours in the morning.  Then spent the rest of the day waiting to see what would happen, but felt very sick all day.  Contractions started up again as I was going to bed at 10pm, I ended up getting up and going downstairs to bounce on my birthing ball to see if that was finally it.  But by 1am they’d gone off again.

I’ve had more tightenings over the weekend, but nothing regular.  I’m now worried I won’t even know when I do go into labour, because I’ll be expecting them to stop.  I’m not going to know for sure until my waters break.  I had horrific back pain on Saturday and felt sick and washed out all yesterday.

We’ve tried just about all the old wives tales over the weekend.  Everything apart from pineapple – I don’t like pineapple.  Plus I’ve read you need to eat about 19 pineapples to get it to work… I’m sick of the taste of raspberry leaf tea, and that birthing ball does nothing.

So here I am now, still waiting.


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