37 Weeks – Spin me right round, baby right round

It’s been a busy week for us this week.

On Monday I had my vaccinations, one for flu and the other for whooping cough.  The vaccinations themselves were fine, over and done with in seconds and didn’t hurt at all.  But oh my goodness, the pain from the whooping cough one after a few hours was terrible.  I ended up with a huge, sore, red lump – I couldn’t lift my arm and anything at all that touched it would have me in agony.  Even today I can still feel a small lump from it!  I’ve never known me react as badly to anything.

On Tuesday work started on our new bathroom, so I decamped to my parents to get away from the stress.  We also had our presentation scan at LGI on Tuesday.  I’d noticed a lot of movement over the weekend from baby, and quite a bit of pain on Sunday night and Monday morning, so I was hoping that the baby was going to decide to behave itself and turn the right way.  We’d both had a good feel of my tummy over the weekend and neither of us could say for sure if what we were feeling was baby’s head – or a bony bum!

I took a half day at the office and we trooped down to LGI, found our way to the Antenatal day clinic and had my blood pressure and urine checked before going through for the scan.  The good news from the scan was that baby is head down, and boy what a big head it looked!  The bad news was my blood pressure was sky high and my urine was showing white blood cells in it.  I was sent off to phlebotomy for my bloods taking and then had my blood pressure taken another three times before they were satisfied we could go.  I ended up hooked up to a monitor checking the baby’s heart rate, where I had to push a button each time I felt the baby move.  My blood pressure dropped after about half an hour and we could then get on our way.  We were both very relieved that the baby isn’t breech.

Wednesday and Thursday were fairly non-eventful, I stayed at my parents and work slowly got carried out on our bathrooms.

Friday was my last day at work.  I thought I’d feel quite tearful from it – but I was cheerful throughout the day and stayed busy with work till the end.  I got a card, a £50 voucher for Boots and a crocheted baby blanket from work – very generous, and I popped out for a goodbye lunch with my team.  I’ve been apprehensive about finishing work, feeling a bit like I won’t be useful any more – no matter how many people look at me like I’m certifiable and tell me I’ll be doing the most important job in life in a few weeks time.  Right now being a Mum isn’t something I know what is going to be like – so I have no idea if I’m going to feel useful or not.  I’ve left a job I’m good at, with a team that rely on me and I have all those months before I go back stretching out before me to fill.

I had been worried that my replacement would be “better” than me, but after a two week handover I can see that in reality he isn’t some kind of superhuman whizz, so the months he’s there he isn’t going to make a better impression and contribution than I’ve done.

Yesterday was a tiring day, we went to IKEA, Toys R Us, Mamas and Papas and Next getting various bits of shopping and baby things.  We have a stupidly expensive baby monitor now, with a camera, so we can watch baby sleeping without needing to come and disturb it.  It was an extravagance, but I’ve saved in other areas and have quite a bit of second hand stuff, so I don’t feel too worried by what we’ve paid.  The cost of things for the baby has completely stopped shocking me, I can see why it’s such a lucrative industry – I’m so focused on getting everything that I’m told that I need that I don’t even care how much I’m paying – I just NEED to have it.

Today I’ve had a much needed restful day, lie in this morning, spot of baking this afternoon and now a laze on the bed with my laptop – I don’t think I’ll have many more Sunday’s like this!


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