Finally 30….

Well Wednesday finally came around, and I turned 30.  Something that seemed like it would be a big deal at the beginning of this year, but when it happened really wasn’t.

We didn’t have a very good night’s sleep the night before, so were both very tired in the morning.  I crept out of bed to make a cup of tea but Phil woke and came to find me.  We went back to bed with our cups of tea and I opened the cards and presents that had arrived, while keeping an eye on the local news about the flooding that we’ve had.

I was thoroughly spoilt by Phil with presents, even though he’d already given me three of my presents before my birthday!  I felt a little sad that I didn’t have many cards and wouldn’t be getting any more because of the flooding, so when postman pat dropped a huge bundle of cards through my letterbox, and then left me some parcels later I was really chuffed!  Good work Royal Mail, they don’t let a minor thing like flooding and the town being cut in two stop them from delivering our letters!

I’d wanted to go to the seaside on my birthday day time, but didn’t dare go that far with this weather, so we went over to Harrogate to Betty’s instead and Phil treated me to afternoon tea.  The afternoon tea was delicious, and the people watching very entertaining.  I felt saddened that lunch at Betty’s seemed to be quite a normal thing for a lot of people, but it was a real treat for us.  I think it’s only the second time I’ve been, I have a vague memory of being taken to the York one by my Mum’s parents when I was very little.

I had to have a little rest in the afternoon before going out again, I’m definitely needing to rest more now.  For my evening celebrations we went to Las Iguanas in Leeds.  The food isn’t as good as Pinche Pinche in Chapel Allerton, but it’s easier to get to being in central Leeds and somewhere I know we all like and will find something we can all eat.



I don’t feel much different at 30 to what I did at 18.  More “together” perhaps, but I don’t feel any older.


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