Thirty Four weeks – what’s in a name?

There’s now less than six weeks to go, and all thoughts are turning to names.  I hadn’t been precious about telling people what names we have picked, I’ve found that other pregnant women are though and won’t tell their chosen names.  I soon found out why – a work colleague asked me our chosen names, saying she’d not been able to think of any herself… Roll on a few weeks later and I find out she’s given birth and used one of the names we had picked (Ella).

I have several girls names I like, but only a couple of boys names.  My “psychic” work colleague believes that’s because we’re having a girl, but I think it’s just because there are lots of boys in both our families – all good names are taken.

I need to spend some quality time with our name book.

My 34 week appointment went ok, my blood pressure is higher though, 138/88 so I have to go back to be checked next week. Hopefully it will have dropped.  The swelling is as bad as it was, my hands are agony once they’ve stiffened up at night, but other than those I feel fine!


One thought on “Thirty Four weeks – what’s in a name?

  1. Em

    How rude of them to use that name! I’d make a point to not use it if I’d asked someone else about it.


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