Thirty Three Weeks

The crying of week Thirty to Thirty One has finished.  Thirty Three weeks has seen the return of the pregnancy temper, although I wouldn’t say it ever left during trimester 2, it certainly wasn’t as bad as this.

Everything has annoyed me this week.  Poor Phil has been snapped at, shouted at and very nearly thrown at.

Take this afternoon… a search of the house for the buttons I bought yesterday (not for mending, for my new hobby…yes, another hobby…no, I haven’t done anything on any of my other hobbies recently, but I will…).  I ranted and raged about how I can’t put anything down in the house without it being moved and put somewhere else so I can’t find it.  I demanded nothing of mine ever be touched again.  I flounced onto the sofa and swore loudly.  Phil resumed the search then went outside to escape me.  I went and checked in my handbag, ah there’s the buttons….  (I have a sneaking suspicion he found them and put them there, but he denies all knowledge of such a dastardly scheme).

The slightest thing has set me off this week.  We both have colds, making both us of harder of hearing than normal.  Each time I had to repeat something to Phil I got louder to the point of shouting and more indignant with my reply, each time he had to repeat something to me I wanted to throttle him for mumbling so I can’t hear.

Nothing will soothe me, not cake, not chocolate, not ice cream, not fizzy drinks.  Everything is irritating.

With the return of the temper has been the return of the swelling.  Swelling the second, with a vengeance.  Not just my ankles and hands, now it’s my full foot including toes (now at a size 6 from a size 4.5 pre pregnancy), ankles, lower legs, knees, hands and wrists.

I am an angry, swollen pregnant lady.  It’s best not to approach me unless necessary.  I’m still amazed that I haven’t been aimed out of the door, not only am I keeping Phil awake with constant getting up to go to the loo, then fidgeting, then snoring, I then spend all our waking hours being crabby.

I hope that week 34 brings a change to my temperament, my hormones need to stop raging and making me so angry.


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