Mid Year Review

The end of June is almost upon us.  I thought I’d have a look at where I wanted to be when I started this blog, and where I am now – especially as things have changed so much.

My original goals:

  • Improve my fitness
  • Lose some weight
  • Move in with my fella
  • Get his house ready to sell
  • Buy a house together
  • Get a little dog
  • Become pregnant

Improve my fitness – well that one is a bit of a fail.  I did buy a stupidly expensive bike with every intention to do a 70 mile bike ride for charity – and the day after I bought the bike I found out I was pregnant!

Lose some weight – I did lose quite a bit of weight doing the Dukan diet, but stopped following that when I went on holiday at the end of January.  While I’ve been pregnant I’ve actually dropped a dress size, but I don’t imagine this will carry on throughout my pregnancy, fully expecting to widen everywhere else any minute.

Move in with my fella – well that one is definitely ticked off.  As soon as we found out I was pregnant we moved the moving in day forward and have been living together happily ever since.

Get his house ready to sell – here’s one of the ones where things have changed.  We decided not to move, so the house isn’t going up for sale and we’re furiously decorating instead.  I say “we” but that obviously refers to Phil, I’m not allowed to help with the decorating.

Buy a house together – As above, we decided not to move so haven’t bought anywhere new.

Get a little dog – As much as I’d truly love a little dog we just can’t afford the expensive of one, and we can’t give the dog the attention it would need right now.  I miss not having a pet and I’d desperately love one, but I understand it just isn’t the right time for one.

Become pregnant – I think it’s clear that this one was a success, although a far quicker success than I’d anticipated would happen.  It’s not been good timing for work, I haven’t been there long enough to qualify for occupational maternity pay so I’ll be on basic SMP while I’m off, meaning a huge drop in salary – very scary thought for me!  I’m loving being pregnant, although the hormones are a nightmare, I don’t know how poor Phil copes with me.


As a few of my goals aren’t applicable now I thought I’d set some new ones for the next six months:

  • Exercise more, including going swimming
  • Go to NCT classes to learn more about becoming a parent/make new mummy friends
  • Be well prepared for finishing work for maternity leave
  • Assist (as much as I am allowed) with decorating the house
  • Do some crafting before the baby comes
  • Find as many bargains with the baby buys as possible
  • Save for a new kitchen

I think the new list is achievable, I definitely need to do all of those things!


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