The Pram issue

I’ve been worrying myself about not having picked a pram yet.  The one I originally fell in love with (Quinny Buzz) I realised was too expensive, and too wide.

I have no spatial awareness.  One of the biggest things stopping me start those damn driving lessons again is my fear of reversing round a corner.  I am useless at it.  No matter what people tell me, I just can’t turn the wheel the right way.  Yet bizarrely I’ve never had a problem parallel parking, but anyway, back to the subject in hand before I start hyperventilating with fear at having to get behind a wheel again.

So, as I was saying, the pram.  The Quinny was too wide and too expensive.  So after a million people telling me I HAD to go to the Mamas and Papa’s Outlet in Huddersfield off we tootled today, me fully expecting to find the pram of my dreams there.  Except we didn’t.  There wasn’t anything there, apart from a wide selection of chintzy, flowery, shite maternity wear and some baby bedding.  There were a few pushchairs, but I wasn’t there to see pushchairs, I wanted to see a proper travel system pram type thingy.

We left, dejected and disillusioned.

Let’s pop in to Birstall, says I, there’s a Mothercare there.  Only when we got there we found there wasn’t, just another Mama’s and Papa’s, although a proper shop this time.  I pondered maybe asking if we could go to IKEA, but two trips in one month is just too much horror for poor Phil, I couldn’t put him through another one.  So we headed into Toys R Us to look in the baby section.

The cheap pram I found in Babies R Us seemed utterly peasant in comparison to the Quinny, but I didn’t want to come across like a complete snob so I said it was “OK”, knowing that pile of grey crap was never coming home with us, and then just to piss me off even further I couldn’t get the damn car seat off the base of it.  Phil could, the sales assistant could.  I could not.  I declared it was like that because I’m too short, and felt the tears pricking at my eyes, if I can’t take a car seat off how will I ever be a decent Mother?

I flounced out of Toys R Us in a huff, headed for Next.

Phil convinced me to go into Mama’s and Papa’s for a look, I begrudgingly agreed, prepared not to find anything.  Oh was I wrong.  Because there, like some kind of pram oasis, were prams.  Lots of lovely prams, and a lovely assistant who helped us.  I found two perfect prams, which I have now whittled down to my one perfect pram.

Behold, the Sola 2-in-1.  It’s red and stripey and lovely and easy to fold down.  It’s not cheap, but it’s no bugaboo either.

I can now breathe a sigh of relief, baby bedroom furniture has been selected, a pram has been selected… now for the million other things on my list to be bought.  (Yes there is a list now, thank you to all the lovely people who responded to my post on how clueless I am at this all I now have a list).

Anyone had this pram/knows anyone with it?  The reviews are very good on it, so I’m hoping it will be a good choice!


3 thoughts on “The Pram issue

  1. Emma

    I’m glad you found one!! The M&P outlet is a bit rubbish we went and came away with a toy dog, i think you must have to go at the right time as my brother got his nursery furniture there at a really good price. To be fair i’m not a huge M&P fan anyway, its so expensive.
    Oh and don’t worry about the carseat thingy, i’m useless with them! x


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