Diamond Jubilee

We didn’t have any celebrations ourselves, but attended the Tadcaster Jubilee Parade, and the Tadcaster Jubilee Carnival and have watched lots of coverage.  I think I’d have probably got into the spirit a little more if I’d been able to drink, maybe even have a little party, but being pregnant I’m just too tired.  I just didn’t have any enthusiasm for the jubliee in the build up either.

I can never decide if I’m a Royalist or not.

I don’t mind the Royal family, Harry and William help by being easy on the eye.  It doesn’t make my blood boil that they were born to their lifestyles, I wouldn’t swap places with them – a life in the public eye isn’t for me. Apathetic I suppose is the word that best sums up how I feel about them.

I watched the Royal wedding, as I watch practically everything to do with weddings, but I couldn’t connect with the Jubilee in the same way – it wasn’t until attending the parade that I could bring myself to even be interested in it, it’s hard not to be affected by such enthusiasm all around you.

Here’s some pictures of our meagre celebrations.



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