New Home

Well I am finally moved, it’s taken two days to do it, but my stuff is now at Phil’s.  I just need the energy to unpack now.  I have no idea where the majority of my things will go.  Maybe I will just leave them in boxes and ignore them, and then decide I can live without it all….

Phil’s been busy and has decorated the kitchen, it’s now a lovely fresh, clean white rather than the dreary yellow it had been.  That leaves the dining room, sun room, boys bedrooms and bathrooms still to decorate….

We still don’t know what we’re going to do, if we’re going to stay in Tadcaster or move.  Recent life event have complicated things.

It’s quite scary leaving home again, to move somewhere I only know the person I live with.  Obviously I know his sisters too but it’s not the same as having friends a short distance away.  I’m sure I’ll survive though.

We’re happy and that’s the main thing, and I couldn’t care less if people think we’ve moved things on too quickly – life’s too short to wait and wait and wait for waiting’s sake just because it’s the done thing.


One thought on “New Home

  1. bexxi

    My Marcus moved in with me just over a month after we’d got together. Yes, other things, external events determined the “rushed” timing at first, but it didn’t worry me at the time as it felt right. We’ve never looked back and now, more than two years on, I can’t imagine anything different.

    I wish you and Phil every happiness together.


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