My week

I should have hauled myself out of bed and gone to the Leeds Farmers Market this morning, but it’s pouring down with rain.  Instead I’m snuggled up in bed blogging and watching Something for the Weekend.  I really wanted to go out on my bike today, but riding in rain like this is miserable – the rain coats my glasses and I can’t see anything.  I could do with some kind of windscreen wipers.

My week has flown by in a blur.  I’ve been very tired all week but ploughed through.

On Monday Phil and I went out for an impromptu meal with my parents to our local chinese restaurant, we ate lots of food and talked about plans for the future.

On Tuesday I’d bought some ricotta and spinach tortellini and although it was my turn to cook Phil made it for us whith a tomato sauce.  He’s really spoilt me this week.

On Wednesday after a bit of a false start we ended up going over to my cousin’s to meet her new baby, Nancy May.  She was gorgeous and I loved having cuddles with her, but getting near to 9pm I could barely keep my eyes open.  I’m always scared stiff of holding new babies, I’m never sure how to hold them, if I’m doing it right, what to do if they move.

Thursday I was back with Phil, he cooked for me again and made me a cheesy carbonara type pasta dish which was gorgeous, I was glad to not have to cook after feeling so tired all day.

Friday I was at home, we had lasagne, salad and garlic bread.  I was so glad to have finished work.  I popped into Waterstones on the way home and bought a couple more books – I bought 4 books this last week, need to curb my spending.

Yesterday morning my friend came over, she has a new app for her iphone which works a bit like a walkie talkie so she got me to sign up for that, we’ve been leaving each other messages since.  Phil came and picked me up and we went to the supermarket.  I managed to keep my temper in check and not ram our trolley into anyone.  I could have quite happily have taken a few people out.  I’m veering towards doing online shopping when we move in together, supermarkets drive me insane.

Phil went into superman mode when we got back, a frenzy of cleaning took place.  The windows are so clean that I’ve been warned to watch out for birds flying into them….    I spent the afternoon catching up with tv I’ve had on sky+ for ages – watching Call the Midwife was a mistake – I was crying my eyes out at the end.

We opted for a lazy tea and got us and the boys takeaway pizza.  I did make a Peach and Mango crumble to go with it, so I didn’t feel too bad for giving them nothing home made.


It’s crazy but I feel like I’ll be judged for what I give them to eat, I want to make them delicious healthy meals and then watch a nice family friendly DVD together.  They want to eat junk and play on their playstations.  No matter what DVD I bring they tell me they’ve seen it already!  I understand that Phil wants them to have a good time when they’re with him so goes along with letting them have cakes and biscuits and no veg, but I wish he would get them to do some healthy eating when they’re here.  I feel a bit guilty for giving them take away pizza for tea.

So to today, as I mentioned I had planned on a productive morning to the farmers market then some baking this afternoon.  So far it’s been breakfast in bed, Phil putting the beef casserole into the slow cooker and me being very lazy.  He’s out in the rain watching his eldest play rugby. Rather him than me!


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