The next big step

The next step for us is for me to move in.  Living between two houses is hard.  Very, very hard.  I live out of a bag, and whatever I need is bound to be at the other house.  Sods law.  I find that I end up doing lots at each house, and then feeling shattered, or nothing at each and then annoyed with myself for not doing anything.

We would live together in a heartbeat.  We love being together.  The time I spend apart I spend wondered why I’m not with Phil.  It seems silly to spend a couple of nights elsewhere for the sake of it.

I’m not sure the kids would find it a problem.  They seems OK with everything so far.  A good sign.

My biggest worry is what people will think.  It’s only been 5 months.  They will say it’s too soon.   Friends, family, acquaintances… I worry about what will be thought.

“It’s too soon”

“It’ll end in tears”

“You haven’t known each other long enough”

Those are the comments I worry about.  About having to justify why I know it’s right.  I’ve lived with two other boyfriends.  This isn’t the first time I’ve moved in with someone.  Same for Phil.  We both know what it’s like to live with someone.  The effort it takes to make it work, and keep the home happy.

It just seems the next natural step for us, and putting it off for the sake of having to explain to other people is daft.

But still I wait.


2 thoughts on “The next big step

  1. Fayc

    Hey, go with what feels right! I already had my daughter when I met MrC. We decided to get married a week later. That was 19 years ago

  2. techiefairy

    I understand your reticence. Other people can state their opinion so forcefully and unpleasantly often that it’s that, in the end, that causes the collapse of the ‘dream’, as it were. Like it’s any of their business but they remain convinced that it is. But what I’d say to you both is, if you’re both sure then do it. But just don’t tell anyone. I don’t mean keep it a secret, just don’t make a big announcement. By the time the busybodies realise, it will be too late, you’ll be well established and they won’t be able to cause any friction between you. You’ll be used to living together and have ironed out any teething troubles, any objection ‘they’ raise will have already been encountered and dealt with, and they’ll have to take their petty jealousies elsewhere and try and bugger up someone else’s life. Cos that’s all is it, pettiness and jealousy.

    And if it turns out it was too soon, and you do end up having to part again, so what? How happy are you both right now? Don’t give that up just cos of other people’s ill-informed interfering. You’ll always have that, even if some time down the line its no longer like that. But I get the feeling you 2 will be together for quite a long time. And I freely confess to being jealous to the back teeth about that. In a nice, I really wish you both well kinda way, of course 😀


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