Valentines day

I’m not usually a fan of Valentines day.  It always seems to be a let down.

I wasn’t in a happy place last Valentines day, in the middle of breaking up with an ex boyfriend.  He made no effort, that seemed very much like what he thought of me and our relationship.  He wasn’t right for me, nor were the next two I dated.

Then along came Phil.  We’d met each other by chance at the bar, at an event in Leeds, although were already following each other on twitter.  I didn’t realise who he was when we met, it wasn’t until a few days later I realised it was him.  We tweeted bits and pieces after that and about six weeks after a particularly emotional draining end of a relationship (it’s always hard when you have to be the one that ends it) I decided it was time to get back on the dating train.  I broke one of my rules and I asked him out for a drink, thinking that as we’d already met before it would be an easy foray into dating.  I didn’t think it would go any further than a first date, some nice company and a friendship – until we went on the date.

We had a brilliant evening, drinks and then food and more drinks.  The evening flew by in a blur, we had so much to talk about.  And so it went from there.

Not seeing him again after that night wasn’t an option, even though that meant breaking one of my most staunch rules.   I lived by the rule that I would never be with anyone that already had kids.  Too much hassle I thought, too complicated.  It is complicated, but being with Phil makes it all worth it.  His kids make him the man he is, and seeing how well he’s done with them makes me know he’ll continue being an amazing Dad when we have our kids.

Now if only he would want a Daschund as much as me…

Enough of the romantic drivel, you want to know what I got, right?

He got me the Brits CD, after I drunkenly declared I needed it on Saturday night, and he took a sneaky peak at my pins on Pinterest and saw that I wanted this Emma Bridgewater mug.  I now have two Emma Bridgewater mugs – I can call that a collection right?


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