The weight issue

I’m overweight.  My BMI is in the 30’s, being 5ft tall is not a helpful BMI stat, if only I was 6ft…

If I want to get pregnant then I need to lose weight, my research tells me that I won’t conceive if I’m so overweight.  (Although I know lots of larger ladies that had no problems, but hey-ho I’ll follow the guidance).

I had a diet splurge at the beginning of the year and followed Dukan.  I wrote up my experiences on my food blog.  In short I found it very hard to follow the Pure Protein days, but once I got into it I could manage the Protein + Veg days.  I lost 8Ib’s whilst on the diet but quickly regained 4Ib’s on holiday at the end of January and 2Ib’s a week since.

I find the mindset of a diet very inhibiting.  I obsess about the food I’m not allowed.  My next foray of dieting is going to be healthy eating and upping my exercising.

I’ll be honest – I’m lazy in winter, I don’t do anywhere near enough exercise and I comfort eat to will out the cold.

I get paid at the end of February, I normally save a large proportion of my wage towards a contribution to a house deposit/ new furniture.  I’m going to use a chunk of that and buy a bicycle instead.  I’m praying for some better weather for March and to be able to get out and cycle.

I’d also very much like to do the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride, a 70 mile bike ride from Wetherby to Filey on 16th June. I’m slightly worried it might be a bit ambitious if I’m pregnant by then, but pregnant women can still ride a bike, right?  Anyway, I think having something to train for will be motivation to get peddling.  Cycling is something my fella enjoys too, so we can go out together on an evening and do some.  One of my friends is also a mad keen cyclist and will get me out on long bike rides – although we do normally end up in the pub after them, drinking all the calories back on…

I’ve let myself go for the past few weeks, and not thought too much about healthy eating, I’ve done quite a lot of baking too.  Today I am restarting the healthy eating and cutting out bread, pasta, rice and potatoes again.  The booze is also going to be banned again.

I know though, that this isn’t sustainable for me.  I need treats.  So I will allow myself a night off each week, where I can have whatever I want to eat.

I have to be determined and not allow myself to overeat, to indulge in too much junk or booze.

I will be strong, I will shift some weight, but most importantly I will get fitter.

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “The weight issue

  1. Steph

    I’ve been using my fitness pal for nearly two weeks-lost almost half a stone already and you can eat what you like providing you stay within your calories. I’ve had pizza, biscuits, cheese, chocolate and ice creams! If you exercise you get extra calories. I’m lazy though so sit on my arse and eat less lol
    Good luck!

  2. Helen Jones

    It’s always easier if you know that you can have treats. That’s why I succeeded with weightwatchers as nothing is off limits as long as you account for it. Good luck with everything anyway.

    H x

  3. Alex

    Hello Rach!
    Hope you are well, not seen you for a while. I remember sending you an email this time last year, offering you advice. Well, I’m doing it again! I am just over two stone lighter than I was a year ago, and I did it through Slimming World. I remember you tweeting once your friend went, and I asked if you went could I come with you. I eventually joined with some friends, and I can honestly say it was the easiest thing I’ve done. No silly rules, no giving up anything, it’s not a diet, it’s a sensible way of eating. You can still have treats, you can still have booze, you can still go out for meals. It’s great, please, consider trying it! Let me know if you want to have a chat about it more, you would not regret joining!


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