And so it begins

I’ve dithered about setting up a new blog all year.  I currently have a food blog,, but I miss having somewhere to write about life and get all the thoughts out of my head that need to go on paper.

So here I am.

As the blog title suggests, I am 29 and turning 30 this year.  My 29th year has been very good so far.  I met someone in October and we have an amazing, loving and very stable relationship.  It’s the best relationship I’ve been in and just feels right.  But I won’t bore you with details on how loved up I am.  For now.

This new relationship has really turned my life around, I can actually see me achieving some of my goals now, especially with his positive influence on my life.

Before we got together I was making it my mission that 2012 is the year I’d buy a house.  I gave up my room in a flat in Leeds and moved back to my parents so I can save.  The plan has slightly changed now, I’m now looking at moving in with him and us buying together.  Either way I will own, or be on my way to owning a house this year.

My plan isn’t limited to just the house though, I also want a little dog.  We’ve also talked a lot about children, and even though we haven’t been together long I know he’s the man I want to be with forever, and I know I want children with him.

As if that isn’t enough I also want to lose weight and become fitter, to prepare me for being a Mum.

This blog is going to document my journey to a life full of wonderful things.




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